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Water-Gate Products

Water-Gate products are renowned worldwide and have been used for a variety of circumstances for over 20 years. They represent the perfect flood solution by offering instant protection for all types of surfaces. They function by filling up, unfolding and stabilizing themselves automatically with the water. Dams can be useful in pollution incidents, help during aquatic work or even enable more the efficient use of natural water sources to fight fires.

Water-Gate WL Series

Versatile products from our Industrial Series meet the needs of a wide-ranging and diverse clientele in the industrial, commercial, medical, municipal, government, airport, military and even recreational industries. They provide interesting options for mitigating pollution incidents, for water diversion needs, performing aquatic work, planning water intake structures to fight fires and much more.

Water-Gate WA Series

Products from our Residential Series provide instant flood control in the event of flash flooding or spring freshet. Flood barriers unfold in 3 simple steps, whether on flat, uneven, rugged or rocky surfaces. Installation where needed: in front of a door, window, garage, elevator door, office door, garage or underground passage, parking lot and much more.

The Water-Gate WL

Flood Barrier Operation

Each dam comes in the form of a PVC roll: simply unroll it on the ground and allow the pressure of the water to do the work. Its unique design allows it to deploy and stabilize itself automatically using the weight of the water. More specifically, the liquid infiltrates the barrier by lodging at the bottom of it; the Water-Gate dam self-deploys and inflates progressively as the level rises. Several heights of protective equipment are available, ranging from 6 in (15 cm) to 60 in (1.5 m). Our technicians are able to assess the equipment required by various circumstances.

Competitive Advantages


Water-Gate dams from the WL Series are composed entirely of polymer, which has an impact on its lifetime that is estimated to be more than 20 years, to the extent that it is used whether for single instances or short periods of time. Ultraviolet rays are the most damaging to the materials that make up the dams. Polymer cloths, however, are specially treated to counteract such harmful effects. The composition of the Water-Gate ensures that there is no risk of damage due to moisture. The barrier’s materials easily withstand temperatures of +50ºC/+120ºF to -40ºC/–40ºF.
The WL Series is designed for flood control and its fabric coated with ultra-rugged and abrasion-resistant PVC for installation on all types of surfaces. A ballast of galvanized steel plates is also incorporated in a polyester net, sewn onto the Water-Gate embankment. The braids are made of highly resistant polypropylene for easy handling. Lastly, quality control of each component has been performed by FM Global in order to receive FM Approved certification.

Setup Speed

WL Series Water-Gate flood barriers ensure instantaneous control of water discharges and act as protection. When a flash flood strikes, response time is critical. With the Water-Gate solution, setup is completed in three simple steps: (1) unroll the barrier (2) unfold the first flap (3) let water accumulate.


A Water-Gate dam is reusable as many times as desired and its service life is estimated to be more than 20 years. For maintenance, simply rinse with clean water to remove all dirt and debris accumulated from previous use. Once the barrier is completely dry, put is back in its carrying bag and store it away from ultraviolet rays. In addition to being a cost-effective choice, Water-Gate products are reusable, making them an environmentally friendly alternative


Water-Gate flood barriers enable protection of up to 60 in (1.5 m). It is possible to link several together if a wider field of intervention is desired. In addition, all models over 1 meter (39’’) tall are certified FM Approved, certification obtained after extensive resistance testing done in collaboration with FM Approvals, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Association of State Flood Plain Managers (ASFPM). Each dam is highly resistant, allowing it to absorb the impacts of objects without affecting its integrity.
Water-Gate protection barriers require very little manpower to set up and hardly any maintenance. Ideal for flash floods, sudden rises in water levels, heavy rains or any other unforeseen events that cause flooding. They provide instant protection: a 50-foot flood barrier is equivalent to 770 sandbags.
Compared to other competing models, the Water-Gate WL is extremely simple in terms of setup, dismantling and handling. Its usage is more efficient and competitive than any other product on the market.

The Water-Gate WA

Flood Barrier Operation

Les barrages anti-inondation Water-Gate de la série WA présentent les mêmes avantages de contrôle, de protection et de prévention que ceux de la série WL mais sont conçus spécifiquement pour se déployer plus efficacement sur des surfaces accidentées et rocailleuses.
In urban environments, WA Series cofferdams provide instant protection for buildings or shorelines, underground garages, houses, government buildings, shopping malls and others during spring freshet, even in harsher environments.
WA Series Water-Gate products can also be used to perform various work in aquatic environments. They can be used as a remedy to temporarily isolate and dry out work areas to enable safe intervention for workers.

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