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Water-Gate protective barrier system

Global Secur is a young emergency equipment distribution company that was started thanks to a visionary who wanted to change the destiny of local residents. Veronick Raymond actually witnessed the tragic fate of the victims of the city of Rigaud in 2017, which included some of her friends. Thousands of dollars in losses, irretrievable memories and lives turned upside down are significant events that the entrepreneur will never forget.

These unfortunate findings alone prompted her to create the promising project that we know today: Global Secure Quebec. Feeling called, Veronick worked on her project for a year by knocking on several doors and working hard to set everything in motion in record time. Her determination and vision would have amazed many during the break-in period! That’s because she considers the skills and specialization of each person as a strategic asset, as she already has an impressive repertoire of skills. Offering products and services that she fully believes in lends to her appeal to an ever-growing clientele. Her well-structured company has not ceased to evolve, as she is a CEO with a head full of new ideas and an ambitious team that holds the reins of a growing dream.


MegaSecur is the main manufacturer and distributor of Water-Gate dams. Their headquarters are located in Victoriaville (Quebec), Canada. The prototype of the Water-Gate flood barrier that we know today was first put on the market by its designer Daniel Déry in 1998. The dam has since accumulated an impressive number of prestigious prizes for its ingenious design and proven effectiveness. In 2005, a large distribution network was taking shape and Water-Gate began being used and sold in several countries.

To date, it has sold more than 55 km of barriers in more than 37 countries and its product has a gratifying customer satisfaction rate of 98%. Water-Gate is considered to be the most efficient and practical choice of intervention equipment on the market by many experts such as engineers, contractors, entrepreneurs and emergency responders.

Who uses Water-Gate?

  • Residents at risk of flooding during spring freshet.
  • Citizens living in areas considered at-risk in the event of flash floods. They can use Water-Gate to protect their garage door and even basement windows.
  • Our products are used by various industries such as mining. Dams can be useful for securing cleaning perimeters or isolating contaminated areas.
  • Firefighters can use Water-Gate as a dam in streams; the accumulated water can be pumped out to extinguish fires.
  • Contractors also use our range for work such as excavations and foundations under bridges, in waterways.
  • Various, more specialized construction work may require the use of Water-Gate, e.g. for water filtration work or basin transfers.

Water-Gate WA Series

Water-Gate WL Series


Residential Series

Our flexible, self-expanding water dams provide instant flood control due to flash floods or spring floods. Water-Gate products are the perfect alternative to sandbags because they can replace thousands of sandbags in an instant. They are qualified as competitive since their use does not involve more than 3 simple steps and because their deployment can be done on flat, uneven, uneven or even rocky surfaces. These innovative and unprecedented interventional equipment combine simplicity, robustness and reliability.

Barriers can protect all types of locations and be installed in many places: in front of a door, a window, a garage, an elevator door, an office door, a garage or underground entrance, parking, and more .


Industrial Series

Our flexible and self-deploying dams are renowned for their versatility, as they are used in various contexts by many industries worldwide. The dam’s versatility and effectiveness has been a proven success among clientele in the industrial, commercial, medical, municipal, government, airport, military and even recreational industries.

Our range of products and services also provides interesting options for mitigating pollution incidents and toxic spills, for water diversion needs, performing aquatic work, planning water intake structures to fight fires, voluntarily drying riverbanks and more.

Did you know that…?



24 hour emergency team, pumping and flood control.

Prevention inspection

Detailed report of the suggested modifications for optimal design in case of a flood.

Specialized design

Water recovery well, basin, temporary levee, drainage and concrete designs.

Support and Assistance

Technical problems, questions and video assistance.


24 hour home monitoring service, pump and equipment verification, protection system monitoring.


Water and equipment control training.

Cleaning and storage

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