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Residential flood protection

Our flexible, self-expanding water dams provide instant flood control due to flash floods or spring floods. Water-Gate products are the perfect alternative to sandbags because they can replace thousands of sandbags in an instant. They are qualified as competitive since their use does not involve more than 3 simple steps and because their deployment can be done on flat, uneven, uneven or even rocky surfaces. These innovative and unprecedented interventional equipment combine simplicity, robustness and reliability.
Barriers can protect all types of locations and be installed in many places: in front of a door, a window, a garage, an elevator door, an office door, a garage or underground entrance, parking, and more .

Our residential services

  • Intervention plan
  • Distribution, sale and installation
  • Storage
  • Uninstallation and cleaning
  • Training
  • Assistance

Water-Gate products in a residential context

The barrier is in the form of a PVC roll: simply unroll it on the floor and let the pressure of the water do the work. Its unique design allows it to deploy and stabilize automatically using the weight of the water. More specifically, the liquid infiltrates the barrier by lodging at the bottom thereof, it then unfolds and inflates as the level increases. Several heights of protective equipment are available, ranging from 6 "(15cm) to 60" (1.5m). Our technicians are able to evaluate the equipment required by the different circumstances.
Our products are durable, quick to deploy, reusable hundreds of times and highly efficient. Our line is also FM Approved certified, obtained through extensive stress tests conducted in collaboration with FM Approved, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Association of StateFlood Plain Managers (ASFPM). The barrier has a high resilience, which allows it to absorb impacts of objects without affecting its integrity.


Instant protection
Provides instant protection when spreading the barrier on the ground. TheWater-Gate barriers can be put in place while the flood is already in progress!
Several utilities
Water gate products can be used to control toxic spills, for water diversion purposes, water work, water intake for firefighting, and more.
The service life of Water Gate products is between 20-25 years.
The Water Gate Water Barrier is reusable as much as desirable. Water-Gate also complements and optimizes existing protections.
Relatively light weight makes barriers easier to transport and install, especially in remote and hard-to-reach locations
Son poids relativement léger rend les barrières plus faciles à transporter et à installer, particulièrement dans des endroits éloignés et difficilement accessibles.

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